Investment Criteria

At EIM Capital, we seek out businesses with potential for optimisation, transformation and expansion who are undergoing a step-change or a discontinuity.

Our general criteria are:

Size / Location / Industry

  1. Lower mid-market companies.
  2. Mainly headquartered in Europe with local or global operations.
  3. We can invest in all industries but have a particular focus on industrials, chemicals, discreet consumer goods and services related.

Transaction Types

    • Corporate divestitures and complex situations: Non-Core divisions of corporate groups that are underperforming and offering complex situations, having below industry average, up to €15m EBITDA
    • Stand-alone situations: Stand-alone businesses or divisions of corporate groups that are performing, from €1m to €7m EBITDA.

  • In each case requiring a step-change to continue a successful trajectory.
  • Controlling or structured minority stakes.

Preferred investment Characteristics

  1. Niche leaders with a defensible position and mature operations often offering the ability to execute a build-and-buy strategy.
  2. Recurring revenue and a blue-chip customer base.
  3. Entry barriers and technical excellence based on industry-leading R&D capabilities.

Responsible Investments

Although we are industry agnostic, we do not invest in addiction industries, such as gambling and tobacco.

We ensure our activities are in line with the principles set by the PRI and the United Nation’s Global Compact – and make sure companies within our investment portfolio have an effective ESG framework. 

We align our objectives with the broader objectives of society, as we believe it is essential to achieve a sustainable future.

You can read more about the UN’s sustainable development goals here.