Our Values

We strive to build relevant companies for the long-term. We want not only to maximize returns for our investors but also to build businesses that they can be proud of.

Long Term Investor

We pursue sustainable strategies. Creating relevant businesses, poised for success, is essential, as is working with those that have invested with us so that they also achieve their goals.

Digital Transformation and human capital Valorization

We aim at being innovators. Digital transformation and the professionalization and valorization of human capital as a way of carefully changing both operations and business models, are key for businesses to remain relevant.

Discipline & integrity

We bring a rigorous analytical approach to the middle market. Size of a business is no excuse for lack of discipline. We share this discipline with the businesses we buy in aiming to get them to the next level. However, our decision-making process is nimble.

Responsible and sustainable investing

We believe in building long-term sustainable businesses, delivering attractive returns to investors in a responsible manner. To be responsible is more than just a ‘nice to have’ – it is central to running a market leading business. This means, amongst other things, working to implement carbon-free companies, promote equality, protect and promote people, and be fair and respectful in all aspects of business transactions.


Our most important asset is our people and the experiences we accumulate for the benefit of our investors and the companies that we acquire.

The founders, Luigi and Renaud, bring experts together. The team members have successfully bought, built and sold companies throughout decades-long careers, in over 30 investee companies.

The team members have complementary local and international networks to source proprietary transactions and create growth opportunities for portfolio companies.

This combination of international vision and footprint, alongside an extensive sourcing network with deep local knowledge and entrepreneurial experience, provides effective origination and proven ability to create value.

Around us, we have a broad network of professionals and managers, built over the course of many years, covering the whole of Europe and spanning across the US, South America and Asia.


Those built on trust and respect, whether with our managers, investors, team or our broader community, form the bedrock for our success. We can’t be successful unless our relationships are successful too.

Entrepreneurial mindset

Ambitious targets coupled with our entrepreneurial mindset and understanding help us get the most out of the companies we work with. Achieving results is about hard work. We select our companies and work on them as if it was our own money at stake… because it is.