Special Opps

  1. We target private markets via non controlling equity investments in Growth Consumer, Tech, AI, Industry 4.0 and Healthcare.
  2. Our primary focus is Growth Equity in transformative companies across EMEA and North America.
  3. We partner with Founders, co-invest alongside Tier 1 Investor’s and are active shareholders.
  4. Equity is not the only asset we bring to the table. We leverage our strong network to create value to the businesses we invest in and often take a board-seat.

Investment Criteria

  1. Cycle agnostic with know-how and/or brand potential in a meaningful and addressable market.
  2. Scalable product.
  3. Talented Founders / Experienced Management.
  4. Identified path to net positive cash flows.

Access / sourcing & Quality Management Team

Leadership, wisdom, humility, ingenuity. We have unique relationships that allow us to source and invest alongside Tier1 Professional investors and Family Offices in EMEA and North America.

Favourable Macro-trends, Identified Market & Scalability

In-house expertise and market knowledge that allow us to understand and capture opportunities.

Proprietary Grading System (”PGS”)

We have developed throughout the years a robust grading system (“PGS”) based on 35 KPI’s that allow us to understand the business also from a quantitative perspective.

Resilient Business Model (Mega Trends)

We are cycle agnostic. Therefore, we target opportunities where the business model is by nature resilient.