Value Creation

All of the companies we invest in show an opportunity for a step-change to achieve business transformation and growth in the medium and long term. For example, we focus on:

  1. Deployment of a digital strategy encompassing a revision and an evolution of the business model and operating procedures.
  2. Investment in people’s education and transformation.
  3. Internationalization of business footprint.
  4. Optimization and rationalization of operations.
  5. Disposal of non-core assets, acquisition of new strategic customers, realizing roll-up opportunities.
  6. Investing materially in organic growth We work with our acquired businesses by leveraging our global network of professionals and senior advisors with sectorial, functional and geographical expertise.

Partnership with Management teams

We are investors but we also have entrepreneurial and managerial experience. We work hard to be the ideal partner of management teams, not replace them. We want to enable businesses to accomplish ambitious and transformational programs by drawing from our network and expertise in achieving high value creation initiatives.


EIM Capital is either a majority or structure minority investor, but it does not have the constraints of a private equity fund. We have no pre-defined transaction structures, no pre-defined timelines, and can adapt both to investors’ and sellers’ needs.